Luxury high grade metal acrylic square LED pendant lamp

Luxury high grade metal acrylic square LED pendant lamp

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Luxury high grade metal acrylic square LED pendant lamp living room lamp designer modern minimalist room staircase Nordic creative hotel lobby ceiling lamp

White light (above 6500k);
Natural light (4000-6000k);
Warm light (2700-3500k);
3 light colors (can switch between white light, warm light, natural light and other 3 light colors)
Lampshade/Shell color: golden lamp body, transparent lampshade
Material: Acrylic
Input voltage: 90V-220V

Living Room Bedroom Corridor Acrylic square LED pendant lamp

Acrylic square LED pendant lamp
AC 85-265V
Irradiation area
Housing Color
IP Rate

Square LED pendant lamp product show

Square LED pendant lamp product show 2

Square LED pendant lamp application

Hanging LED pendant Lights, as the name suggests, are hung from the ceiling. The suspended LED pendant Light has a mysterious hazy feeling that can bring a sense of layering to our space and a warm feeling to our house. There are many materials for suspended LED pendant Lights, each with its own unique style.

1. Good gloss: The overall gloss of ring hanging pendant light is good. High-quality Aluminum suspended LED pendant Lights are made of Aluminum , which is reflected by incandescent lamps. It has a natural and smooth luster, no bubbles and impurities, and has a good high specular reflection effect. Aluminum also has good mechanical properties and wear resistance at room temperature. It can die-cast a variety of patterns and has a smooth surface. It is a common material for lamps and lanterns. The service life of ring hanging pendant light is 3-5 times longer than that of other lamps.

2. Strong and durable: Aluminum material is a hard alloy material. Unless it is super forged, bent, and thrown, it will not cause damage to the lamp arm of Aluminum. Generally, the lamp arm of Bullet Head suspended Small pendant Light will not be damaged. They are all made of Aluminum, but some fixed accessories in the suspended LED pendant Light are not made of Aluminum, and even this will not affect the safety of the lamp body, so there is no need to worry about the safety of ring hanging pendant lights.

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