LED Chandelier Light

The nautical-inspired chandelier comes from Spain, which has a long maritime history. Available as plug-in or oil-lit, these lamps are perfect for flavor-conscious interiors. Crystal chandeliers are suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, corridors, hotels and other lobbies. The most common chandeliers are European-style candlestick chandeliers, Chinese-style chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, parchment chandeliers, fashion chandeliers, cone-shaped chandeliers, pointed flat chandeliers, corset chandeliers, five-pronged ball chandeliers, magnolia chandeliers, Olive chandeliers etc. There are two types of single-headed chandeliers and multi-headed chandeliers used in the living room. The former is mostly used in bedrooms and dining rooms, and the latter should be installed in the living room. The installation height of the chandelier, its lowest point should be no less than 2.2 meters from the ground.

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