LED Flood Light

LED Flood light is a point light source that can illuminate evenly in all directions. Its illumination range can be adjusted arbitrarily, and it is represented as a regular octahedron in the scene. LED flood light illuminate objects evenly in all directions from a specific point, and it's a perfect analogy to light bulbs and candles. Omnilights can be placed anywhere in the scene. For example, it can be placed outside the camera range, or inside an object. It is common to use many LED flood light of different colors at a distance in a scene. TheseLED flood light can cast and blend shadows on the model. Due to the large illumination range of the LED flood light, the illumination effect of the LED flood light is very easy to predict, and this kind of light has many auxiliary uses. For example, if the LED flood light is placed close to the surface of the object, it will be produces bright light.

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200W To 1500W IP65 outdoor LED spotlight

$102.50 $125.90

Product parameters: Product model: FL-TGD-H2-500W Rated power: 500W Number of lamp beads: 480 Lamp bead type: SMD 3030 Light source brand: LUMILEDS Color rendering index: ≥70 Power supply brand: Taiwan MEAN WELL Power factor: ≥0.9 Material: Aluminum Protection class: IP65 Color temperature: 3000K-6500K Input voltag..


200W To 2000W IP65 outdoor LED flood light

$110.50 $128.90

1, Item No: Square 200W to 2000W outdoor LED flood light (SV-FL-SD001)2. Power: 200W 400W 600W 800W 1200W 1600W 2000W3. Input Voltage: AC 85-265V4. LED Brand: OSRAM 3030 LED 5-1, CCT-1: white,Warm white, Nature white6, Lumens: 120lm/W7. Material: Aluminum8, Beam angle: 15 30 60 90 120 degrees9. Waterproof grade: IP6510, surface color: Black11...


High Quality outdoor waterproof Led Slim Flood Light

$103.50 $123.00

Features: High quality light source, high lumen, long life of light source Aviation aluminum lamp body, fine aluminum casting, by baking paint treatment, with oxidation resistance, flame retardant, not easy to change color. Air convection heat dissipation, integrated thickened aluminum + convection design, to solve the heat..


IP65 Outdoor Bridgelux 3030 SMD LED flood light

$55.50 $73.80

1, Item No: Classic style 50W to 300W SMD3030 LED Floodlight (SV-FL-S01)2. Power: 50W. 80W. 100W. 150W. 200W.3. Input Voltage: AC 85-265V4. LED Brand: Bridgelux 3030 LED 5-1, CCT-1: white,Warm white, Nature white5-2, Others Color: Yellow Red Green Blue6, Lumens: 120lm/W7. Material: Aluminum + Toughened glass8, Beam angle: 120 degrees9. Waterpr..

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