Light Emitting Diode

Light-emitting diodes, abbreviated as LEDs, are commonly used light-emitting devices that emit energy through the recombination of electrons and holes, and are widely used in the field of lighting. [1] Light-emitting diodes can efficiently convert electrical energy into light energy, and have a wide range of uses in modern society, such as lighting, flat panel displays, medical devices, etc. [2] This electronic component appeared as early as 1962. In the early days, it could only emit red light with low luminosity. Later, other monochromatic versions were developed. The light that can be emitted has spread to visible light, infrared light and ultraviolet light, and the luminosity has also increased to a considerable luminosity. The use has also changed from the initial use as indicator lights, display panels, etc.

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Bridgelux chip 140-160LM 1W High power led

$0.11 $0.12

Detailed Introduction 1.1W high power Full description 2.External dimensions and equivalent circuit 3.Classification and characteristics 3-1. Absolute maximum rating 3-2. Photoelectric characteristic 3-3.Degradation curve 3-4.(TYP) Characteristic diagram 4. Reliability 4-1. Test items and conditions 4-2. Failure criterion 5.The inspecti..


Bridgelux chip 140-160LM 6V 1W 3030 smd led

$14.90 $16.00

Detailed Introduction 3030 smd led Features: Forward Voltage 3V 6V 9V Available Forward Current 350mA 150mA 100mA Color Rendering Index: RA80, RA90, RA93, RA95+, RA98 High Light Efficacy: 200LM/W+ CCT Range: 1600-1800K, 1800-2000K, 2000-2200K, 2200-2400K, 3000-10000K Light Color: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, UV, IR....


San an chip 26-28LM 0.2W 5050 smd led diode

$9.20 $10.00

SMD led 5050 Full Description SMD led 5050 refers to the size of this SMD LED product which is 5.0x5.0mm in length and width (thickness is generally about 1.6mm); RGB5050 refers to the LED internal packaging of several grains, generally divided into single crystal, double crystal, three crystal three; Single crystal is this product only encapsulat..


San an chip 26-28LM 3V 0.2W 2835 smd led

$3.80 $4.50

Note: Price were calculated based on 1000 pieces every K,  one reel has 1000 pieces in default.Features Small package with high efficiency , Low voltage operation, Instant light , Long operation life Lead free product , RoHS compliant Applications Mobile phone flash Automotive interior lighting Automotive forward lig..

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